Dafnis - F1

Dafnis - F1
* Tomatoes, with unlimited growth (Indeterminate) for fresh, suitable for planting in the greenhouse and planted trellis
* Among the short nodes and ability to form a strong plant with fruit (Setting) in cold conditions for long-term production due to the ability to maintain fruit size during the growth period
* Market-friendly red, large fruit size, weighing 240-220 gr, very firm quality and high uniformity in size and shape, with shelf life (LSL) suitable for export
* The relative resistance to:
- Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.lycopersici(0,1)
- Tobacco Mosaic Virus race(0)
- Verticillium Wilt
- Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Technical Information
Internodes Length
Short internodes
Average Fruit Weight
Fruit Shape
Hot Setting/ Cold Setting
Resistant to cold