PB 20 knapsack sprayers

PB 20 knapsack sprayers
With Agitator
With Side/Overhead Lever Operation System
PB-20 Knapsack Sprayer is light and mobile, and delivers build-up pressure faster
Pump mechanism: pressure cylinder certified at 200psi for safety & assurance
Pistons are made of durable material which provides excellent resistance against corrosive chemicals, breakage/spillage and aging
Operation levers are designed for right and left-handed users
Easy D-I-Y maintenance and repair without any need for special tools or equipment
Automatic trigger made of durable engineering plastic prevents excessive and premature wear and tear
Wall thickness of tank: 3mm together with protective skirting prevent liquid backflow to your back when using knapsack sprayer
Air vent valve at tank lid prevents leakage from flug
Most importantly, spare parts and accessories are easily available for your convenience
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